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Werse Piet Heijn
Kasper Kasper Kooijman
nephronim Paul O'Connell
tiezzz thijs Melkert
Pul Peter Pul
michelT Michel van Tol
Becky Rebecca
E1dan E B
Mereltje Merel Toussaint
kimberlydepater Kimberly de Pater
secretfool Casper Markensteijn
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jabbink Jasper Abbink
Max Power Lars Ronteltap
Suzanne Suzanne de Hoog
Movie details
Title: Se7en
Year: 1995
Runtime 127 min
IMDb rating: Se7en on IMDb

Two homicide detectives are on a desperate hunt for a serial killer whose crimes are based on the "seven deadly sins" in this dark and haunting film that takes viewers from the tortured remains of one victim to the next. The seasoned Det. Sommerset researches each sin in an effort to get inside the killer's mind, while his novice partner, Mills, scoffs at his efforts to unravel the case.

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