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Bakhoven Patrick Bachofner
kimberlydepater Kimberly de Pater
Ridobe Swen Arendse
secretfool Casper Markensteijn
Tonykouw Tony Kouwenhoven
Werse Piet Heijn
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Movie details
Title: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Year: 1987
Runtime 90 min
IMDb rating: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace on IMDb

With global superpowers engaged in an increasingly hostile arms race, Superman leads a crusade to rid the world of nuclear weapons. But Lex Luthor, recently sprung from jail, is declaring war on the Man of Steel and his quest to save the planet. Using a strand of Superman's hair, Luthor synthesizes a powerful ally known as Nuclear Man and ignites an epic battle spanning Earth and space.

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